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Hi, I'm Nicole White, Art Therapeutics Creator, Hypnotherapist, and Holistic Health Coach. I've created Art Therapeutics as a way to create community, health, and wellness using creativity, art processes, and encouragement. Let's create your health and wellness, together!

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An Artistic and Holistic Approach to Health & Wellness through Creativity, Community, and Encouragement!

A Big Thanks

A HUGE Thank You to our Founding Members: Kim R, Monica P, Julie T, Leslie M, Denise B, Suzy S, Dulce M, Beverly M, Sally M, George M, Jeremy J, Holly W, Nancy T, Marty J, Sue Q, Kaleb H, Erica S, Kristen R, Kendra M, Kayleen A, Ruth S and Cynthia S. Thank you for believing in the process and becoming part of this amazing community!